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Data Quality

Find and Fix Data Quality Problems to Maximize Your Return on Data

Finding and fixing quality problems in your data can be the difference between business success and failure. If not properly identified and addressed, errors in your data can cost your company millions, resulting in missed revenue opportunities and exposing your company to unnecessary risk. The right approach to finding and fixing quality problems requires that you leave no domain, no application, no geography uncovered, and that you get all the right people on board and help them take responsibility


Data Quality provides comprehensive support for all data and all purposes, so you can deliver trusted customer, product, financial, or asset data to any data integration, analytics, master data management (MDM), or data governance project. It features accurate global matching, de-dupliclation, worldwide address cleansing, and versatile data quality management for all project types. And because Informatica Data Quality is open to all applications, providing universal connectivity to all data sources, you can access any data source anywhere in the cloud, or in Hadoop. The software also enables you to deploy prebuilt data quality rules to improve quality across the enterprise.