Data Integration

With data sources, datatypes, data volume, and data endpoints growing all the time, the need for data integration has made it one of the most critical applications many organizations have to manage. To help with this fragmented data and create data integration and data governance processes that deliver a competitive advantage, organizations need expertise in transforming data into actionable information.


EOH Informatica services is uniquely qualified to support data integration projects ranging in scope from entry level to mission critical. The technology is platform agnostic, allowing our customers to integrate any data with any systems.

Informatica Power Center

Informatica PowerCenter is a scalable, high-performing, easy-to-use enterprise data integration software that will greatly improve staff productivity and promote IT and business collaboration. The highly visual environment lets you connect and integrate data from any data source in any data format and automatically generate data integration mappings and workflows, without hand-coding.


This edition includes basic XML processing, connectors to foundational data sources, an analyst tool to understand source data, partitioning, administration capabilities, basic data profiling, rapid prototyping, and batch data integration.


Informatica Data Hub

Data Integration Hub provides modern publish/subscribe data integration for a hybrid world that seamlessly moves data between hundreds of supported cloud and on-premises systems. Hybrid hub persistence enables flexible use of RDBMS, HDFS, and flat files for data storage.


Organisations wanting to move to a publish/subscribe model for delivery of data then Integration Hub is the way to go.



Expert Advice On Simplifying Data Integration

Download your copy and get up to speed on:

  • The top 10 criteria to keep in mind when shopping for data integration tools

  • Data integration challenges that crop up in every implementation, and how to tackle them before they get out of control

  • Real-life examples of how data integration can help for sectors like government, retail, healthcare, and finance

  • How it's now possible to launch data integration on a small scale and grow on-premise and in the cloud, with virtually no hand-coding



Data Integration For Dummies” helps you make informed recommendations about data integration opportunities for your organization. Download your copy today.