Big Data Management

Turning Terabytes into Profits


We have entered the Petabyte Age. Only several years ago, a 300 GB data warehouse was considered huge. Today, leading organizations run terabytes or petabyte-scale data warehouses, but traditional analytic platforms are not suited for the scale and complexity of such big interaction data as social media content, sensor and machine information, call detail records (CDRs), and Web logs.


Organizations need a new approach to harness unstructured and multistructured information and to combine it with ever-growing volumes of big transaction data (from data warehouses, ERP applications, and OLTP systems).


Informatica Big Data Management

Informatica Big Data Management delivers high-throughput data ingestion and data integration processing so business can get the data they need quickly. Hundreds of prebuilt,  high-performance connectors, data integration transformations, and parsers enable virtually  any type of data to be quickly ingested and processed on big data infrastructure, such as  Apache Hadoop, NoSQL, and MPP appliances.


Informatica Big Data Streaming

Businesses today have an unprecedented opportunity to gain insight from a steady stream of real-time data. For example, transactions from databases, clickstreams from web servers, application and infrastructure log data, geolocation data, and data coming from sensors or agents placed on the almost endless variety of devices and machines making up the Internet of Things. Big Data Streaming allows us to provided stream data in enterprise managed product.





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